On, December 18, 2016, we received a key.  An ordinary extraordinary key.

In fact, here’s a picture of it…

This key is the key to the next thing God is doing with Coastal City Church.

This key is something we never saw coming when we embarked on this journey of starting a new church in December of 2015.

This key is a key I plan to keep forever.

This key is a miracle.  Describing it any other way falls short of how amazing this key is.

This key unlocks the building pictured here, the imagination of a group of people, and the future.

This Building….

This building is now the home of Coastal City Church.

The People…

The people who have been meeting here, praying here, worshiping here, and being a church here have made a decision to elevate the needs of the lost around them above their own preferences and comfort.

The people of this church followed their leaders and decided it was time to be radical for the cause of Jesus.

The people of this church decided to leverage their resources to merge into being part of A Thousand in a Thousand, the Vision of Coastal City Church.  To see 1,000 new believers, 1,000 people in small groups, and 1,000 people serving in the first 1,000 days as a church.

The people of this church decided to honor the pioneer spirit of the founders of this church and blaze a new way to serve and reach the people far from God in their community.

The people of this church decided to ensure a future for the legacy of the thousands of people who have heard about Jesus in this building, have been married here, have been baptized here, have had their lives celebrated here, and have given selflessly here.

The people of this church voted to change their structure, to dramatically alter the way they make decisions, to shift the focus of operations to others and to renew their passion for direct and hands-on ministry with their neighbors.

The Future….

Together we see a future church that unchurched people love to attend.  A church where unchurched and churched people feel comfortable sitting next to each other.  A church where people care more about becoming the church instead of simply coming to church.

We are still moving toward the start of a new church on Thursday night in Virginia Beach.  But our first venue will be here in Walters Virginia.

This is the Mount Carmel Venue of Coastal City Church.

On, December 18, 2016, was this church’s last Sunday of “having” church until Easter 2017.  Starting January 8, 2017, we will meet every Sunday at 10 am to prepare for a grand reopening during the 2017 Easter season.

To the people of Mt. Carmel, we are in awe of your selflessness.  We are humbled by your sacrifice of independence.  We are thrilled and honored to have you all joining the launch team of Coastal City Church.

To the supporters of Coastal City Church, thank you.  Thank you for getting us to this point.  And, thank you for your commitment to continue your support in getting us to the next step from here.

If you want to know more about this exciting step in our journey, send us an email here.  If you want to join our efforts, you can find out more about joining the launch team or you can provide financial support here.  And you can all help us in praying for God’s direction through this next step.

One vote, one key, one church, one team, equals one awesome God.

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