Reaching people far from God is within your REACH.

Project REACH is a generosity campaign that goes well beyond the event of “launching a church.”  It’s 100 people joining together to plant something greater than any of us alone could do.  It’s ensuring that both the resources needed to launch AND the first year operational costs of a new life-giving church are fully funded.

There are 100 giving slots at 5 different investment levels. When all the slots are full, we’ll have worked together to be fully funded. Each slot represents a person’s commitment to generously give for 33 months (1,000 days) to REACH 1,000 New Believers in 1,000 days in Virginia Beach, plant a new life-giving church with a solid foundation and impact families for generations to come all around the world.  

Virginia Beach is a Gateway City to the World.  1 in 4 people are active military, and many will go on to other places after their time in Virginia Beach is over.  You will be part of every conversation they have around the world by helping us equip them to connect with God, connect with others and connect others with God.

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