Call to Ministry:

After graduating high school in 1993, I headed off to Columbus, Ohio to make my way in the world. Instead of taking education seriously, I applied myself to “fitting in.” After a dismal attempt at doing life my own way, I moved home in 1995. I job jumped until I landed on summer staff in 1997 at Camp Aldersgate. During the summer of 1998 I had an experience that changed my life. During an event I dreamed up, I noticed that every single camper and staff member was smiling. Many of the same people the night before had made a commitment to follow Jesus after sharing stories of pain and suffering like nothing I had experienced. In that moment, I re-committed my life to Christ and promised Him He could use me forever to reach people far from Him.


More About Eric and His Family:

Eric and Marissa married in 2009.  After experiencing the pain of a miscarriage, they welcomed the miracle of their daughter into the world.  Two years later, Marissa gave birth to their son.  Eric and Marissa are a team in every way.


Spiritual Gifts:

  1. Teaching
  2. Pastor/Shepherd
  3. Exhortation
  4. Apostleship
  5. Leadership


Random Facts:

  • Eric loves fishing.
  • Eric misses driving a manual transmission.
  • Eric likes to design websites to relax.
  • Eric (and Marissa’s) favorite TV Show is the West Wing.


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