The Launch Team

Make A Difference

Have you been looking for something to belong to that is

  1. Intentional to match your gifts, passions and personality with a role instead of just plugging you into just any area?
  2. Driven to make a difference?
  3. Guided by Biblical authority and Christ-centered values and not political correctness, bureaucracy and fear?
  4. Vigilant to drive out hypocrisy?
  5. Designed to be a safe place where you can invite your friends and family who are far from God and not worry about being embarrassed? A place where the Gospel and an opportunity to respond to it are presented every week?
  6. Welcoming of you just as you are?

If so, the launch team might be the perfect fit for you and your next step is to drop us an email, and Eric will be in touch to set up a time to talk.


Join The Team, Make A Difference In The World

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