Pastor Eric Dingler, Marissa Dingler, Rilee and RyanI have had many first time experiences that have shaped who I am.

  • The first time I realized I was going to spend the rest of my life married to my best friend and the most beautiful woman I know.
  • The first time I held each of my kids.
  • The first time I believed that God really did love me even with all the sin baggage I had to ask Him to forgive.
  • The first time I realized my life purpose was to reach people far from God and connect them to His perfect plan for them
  • The first time I realized God was indeed calling us to plant a new life-giving church.

Each of the these first time experiences have brought me and my family to where we are today.

We are going all in on following God’s next call for us.

We are selling off a good deal of our personal belongings.  Trading in our four wheeled drive Explorer and our van on a smaller much more gas efficient vehicle.  Packing up everything left.  Saying “until next time” to our family and friends.  And moving ten-hours to a new state where we know four people (two of which are under the age of five by the way.)

We are stepping out in faith that God will provide our daily bread and help us make the crucial connections we will need to plant a new church.

But why?  Why would we do something that to many might seem totally irresponsible?

We are doing this because God is leading us to do it.

We are doing this because:

  • People far from God who have never experienced His love, mercy and grace break our hearts.
  • People far from God who once knew His peace but have strayed away, break our hearts.
  • Bored Christians break our hearts.

We believe God has shown us Virginia Beach as a gateway to the world.  With one-in-four people being in the military and two-thirds of the US population living within a one day drive…we believe we can reach the world for Jesus through connecting the people far from God of Virginia Beach to God, connecting them with each other, and equipping them to connect others to God.

Coastal City Church will be a life-giving church focused on reaching people far from God and connecting them to His perfect plan.

So, let the journey begin.



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