A brief summary of the bible.001Previously we shared our Bible Highlighting Method from the appendix and based on the positive feedback from that….we thought we would share more from our eBook Getting Started With The Bible.

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The entire Bible is really about one man, and that is the man we call Jesus Christ. 

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve (mankind) and placed them in a perfect environment.  However, to ensure our obedience was based on our decision and not forced upon us, God put the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.  As long as Adam and Eve obeyed God, they had access to the Tree of Life.  Unfortunately, Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  God cursed the earth and all mankind as He said He would if Adam and Eve disobeyed Him.  And, mankind lost access to the Tree of Life.

After this, God put into place a plan to bring his created people back into a perfect relationship in a perfect place called Heaven but again based on a decision we have to make for ourselves.  The Bible tells us how God’s plan unfolded, is being lived out today, and will come to pass in the future. 

Let’s fast-forward about 2,000 years after the Garden of Eden.  In about 2,000 B.C. God called Abraham out of Babylonia.  God made a promise to Abraham, his son Isaac and then his grandson Jacob (called Israel) that He would make a mighty nation out of their descendants.

Israel (Jacob) followed God and led his family out of Canaan into Egypt where they grew into a mighty nation. 

Hundreds of years later, God used Moses to lead Israel’s descendants out of Egypt and gave them the Promised Land of Canaan. 

Moses was the first person God told to write part of the Bible.  God gave Moses more than a promise God gave Moses a covenant.  Another word for covenant, by the way, is “testament”.  And it’s this covenant (testament) we now call the Old Testament.  The covenant was simple.  Obey God, stay clear of following the false teachings of the people around them and God would bring great blessings to the people of Israel.  However, worship anything other than God, and God would destroy them. 

Jump forward again 400 years and we find the people indeed are a mighty kingdom nation.  While David and his son Solomon were leading at this time, God promised a descendant of theirs would be an everlasting king.  Jesus is a descendant of David.  And, Jesus is the everlasting king. 

Now, God being ever faithful to His word allowed the nation of Israel to be divided after the reign of Solomon.  The twelve tribes were divided up.  The ten northern tribes continued to be called Israel.  The southern two tribes were called Judah.  The ten tribes that made up Israel lasted about 200 years until Assyria took them captive about 721 B.C.  About 121 years later, Judah fell to Babylon after they turned from God like the other ten tribes of Israel had. 

But God continued to show grace.  70 years later he delivered a small remnant of the captives back to their lands.  In about 444 B.C., the Old Testament concludes when Israel is reestablished by the rebuilding of its capital Jerusalem. 

For a period of 400 years, God patiently waits for an appointed time.  In a small barn (manger), a future new covenant is born and his name is Jesus.  Thus opening the New Testament.  The Old Testament contains over 300 prophetic statements that are all fulfilled through the birth, life, death and resurrection (coming back from the dead) of Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament covenant is replaced by the promise found in the death of Jesus.  He died as a final sacrifice for all the sins you have ever and will ever do.  If you choose to put your faith in Jesus, call on Him to be your Savior; you can be restored into a perfect relationship with God. 

During the last three years of Jesus’s thirty-three-year life. He prepared a group of followers to be disciples.  After he came back from the dead, he spent forty days with his disciples and followers of the time.  He sent them to carry the message of this new covenant into all the earth.  Which is how and why you are reading these words. 

The Bible concludes by ensuring us that God will return and once and for all crush the rebellion of Satan that began before Adam and Eve.  And, by putting your faith in Him you are assured you will be in Heaven.  But, we are not just expected to wait for that day to come.  We are called to continue the work of sharing the message of the new covenant.  By starting your journey of Bible Study, you are preparing to equip yourself with the only thing that really can change the direction of the world, and that is the true word of God.    


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