Free eBook on how and where to get started studying the BibleIn the previous article, we shared Chapter Five of Getting Started With The Bible.

Today, we want to make the entire resource available to you for free.  One of our core values is “We Want More For Our Community Than From It”.

God’s power can be seen around us in His creation.  His love for us can be seen in the words he gave us in the Bible.

Here’s What’s Inside

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Engage With The Bible
  2. Bible Study Defined
  3. Basic Supplies
  4. History and Structure of the Bible
  5. A Brief Summary of the Bible
  6. The P.E.A.C.E. Bible Study Method

Plus these resources in the Appendix:

  • Appendix A: Suggested Passages To Begin With
  • Appendix B: Bible Study Highlighting System
  • Appendix C: Questions to Ask When Studying the Bible
  • Appendix D: General Principles of Interpretation


Click Here To Download Your Free Copy


What other resources(s) would help you connect with God, connect with others and/or connect others with God?



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