While these pages contain stories and descriptions that explain what we do and why we do it that way, you won’t find what makes Coastal City Church who we really are.

We are your neighbors.  We are people who care more about relationships than religion.  We are people who care more about being the church our world needs than having church be what we want.  We are people who will mess up and make mistakes. We are a church that accepts everyone as they are and loves everyone enough not to let you stay there.

The best way to get to know us is to spend some time with us.  You are invited to attend our weekly service on Sunday’s at 11 am at 27650 Walters Highway.

Here are some resources for your to get to know just a bit about us.

STATEMENT OF FAITH: A list of our beliefs on varies topics based on our understanding of scripture found in the Bible.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  Answers to some of the questions people ask before they come for the first time.

OVERVIEW:  Our mission, vision, core values, strategy, and more.

CONTACT US:  A form you can submit to us, our phone numbers, and address.

OUR STORY:  A brief background of how we got where we are.

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