File_000The first part of our mission as a church says; “We exist to equip people to connect to God….”  One of the primary ways we do this as a church is equipping people to get the most out of their personal time exploring the Bible.

We will have four Growth Track classes that we will guide everyone to participate in once we launch.  In “GT201 Equip”, we will explore different spiritual practices and equip participants with a variety of tools to grow in their connection with God.  These will include among others; prayer, journaling, and personal Bible Study.

One of the tools we will be sharing is a book we are writing called “Getting Started With The Bible”.  In it we have shared a highlighting method to use while exploring God’s words.  The book also has a brief history and survey of the Bible, a simple Bible study method anyone can use and an appendix with a variety of tools to enhance personal Bible Study.

The highlighting system works in both a paper Bible and in most online Bible apps such as YouVersion and OliveTree.  In the image on this post, you see a screen shot of Pastor Eric’s iPad from a personal Bible study.

The system uses five colors.

As you read the Bible, and a verse (or even part of a verse) means something to you….highlight as follows.

GREEN reminds us to go.  These are passages that tell us to do something.

YELLOW reminds us to slow down.  These are passages of caution or instruction of things to meditate on.  These passages can be lessons to learn from observing something that someone in the Bible learns from an experience.  

Purple marks a question we have.  As we are reading the Bible, we can come across passages that we don’t understand. Don’t let this stop you from reading.  Highlight it purple and leave your question there.  You can always come back to it later.

RED reminds us to stop.  These are passages that instruct you to stop doing something.  (in some highlighter kits this may be Pink)

BLUE reminds of blue sky days.  These are passages of thanksgiving, praise, promises, and/or prayers back to God.

ORANGE reminds us knowledge. (It’s also the only color left.)  These are passages of wisdom and knowledge (in my Bible, Proverbs is a lot of orange.)

Do you have a preferred system?  What would you add to this post?  What questions do you have?

Would you like a copy of our short booklet on “Getting Started With The Bible”?  If so, if you haven’t yet signed up for our email list, please do so.  When the book is finished, we will be sending it to our email list…first for suggestions and feedback and then as a final version.


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