8 Questions to help your teen get the most out of the pastor's sermon.001In a lot of churches, teens are listening to the pastor’s message. They, along with the adults that are listening, should spend time unpacking what they heard and considering how to apply it to their lives.

Parents have the primary role of helping their kids grow in their connection with God.  Not the church.  The church and the parents are to be in partnership.

A great way for parents to engage with their teens about their growing faith is by asking and answering questions about what was said during the message at church.

These questions are designed to help unpack what was said, not question what was said.

The key to success with these questions isn’t asking them…it’s sharing your answer during the conversation.

So, pick 1 to 3 and be ready to ask them after church. Don’t ask every question every week.  When adding questions of your own, think about both the answer you might get but also the unintentional message behind the question.

  1. What was something you heard for the first time today?  For me it was….
  2. What’s the one thing you want to remember most from today’s message?  For me it’s…..
  3. This week, I’m going to be able to use “_______________” that the pastor talked about.  What’s something you can use at school this week?
  4. What was something you heard today that challenged something the world teaches to be right?  For me it was……
  5. When the pastor said. “________________” I wanted to raise my hand and ask “______________”.  If you could ask our pastor one question about something he said, what would you want to ask him?
  6. What was something you heard today that was confusing?  For me it was….
  7. What was something you heard today that you wished your friends would have been there to hear and why?  For me it was…..
  8. What’s something you think God wants you to work on after hearing that message today?  For me it’s…..
  9. What’s something you heard today that makes you thankful for God’s work in your life?  For me it was…..
  10. When I heard the pastor share “_________________” it once again reminded me of God’s love for me.  What’s something you heard today that reminded you of God’s love for you?

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