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Sundays At 11

A Place To Find Freedom


Doors Open at 10:30


27650 Walters Highway

Carrsville, Virginia 23315


Current Teaching Series

Sundays | 3.3.19 – 4.14.19

What We Believe

What To Expect


6 + 4 =

27650 Walters Highway

Carrsville, Virginia 23315


Office: 757.346.5152


What We Have For You


Once a month we offer EXPLORE.  Have a meal with our pastor’s family and others who are part of Coastal City Church. You will hear the story behind Coastal City Church, discover the “why” and “how” we do church the way we do church, and explore if this is the church for you.


We want to equip you to grow; we don’t want to tell you what to do. Discover articles, eBooks and more already paid for by those who give to Coastal City Church.

Small Groups

Our groups change up 3 times a year and include several kinds: activities, service, recovery, study and more. Learn about your first group here.

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